Favorite Otps (1/?): Tamaki x Haruhi (Ouran Highschool Host Club).

I’m so sorry…

I’d rather go without eating and drinking for five days!!

I’m following my own dream


Here is my Giveaway!!! 

I recently hit over a thousand followers so I thought why not reward them and thank 3 lucky people who will win some prizes. I was paid recently and would love to spoil some cosplayers on this site! I will keep it quick and short for the prizes and rules.

1st Place:

  • One whole cosplay from any Fandom!!! Literally any fandom.
  • 1 Wig of your choice
  • 1 set of 3D Gear boxes. (I make 3D Gear sets for a living right now, so you will get what is in the picture above)

2nd Place

  • 2 Wigs
  • Survey Corps Cloak
  • or Any prop that is under $50 (you may commission me for a prop, I will make it for you.)

3rd Place:

  • Erens Key Basement


1. You must be following me! (It is for my followers,I will check)
2. You must Reblog/Like to enter.
3. You can Reblog up to 5 times.
4. Must be comfortable enough to give me your shipping address I need to send you the items someway!
5. Keep your asks box open.
6. Do not be a giveaway blog ( I will check!)
7. I will ship anywhere as long as I can do it.
8. I will choose a random generator to pick the winners! Everyone will have a fair chance!

My Giveaway will end April 25th, 2014! If you have any questions my askbox is always open! Good luck!!! 

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The soldiers who survived the past 5 years.

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